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At Coeur, our core values of protect, develop and deliver apply to our most valuable resources - our employees, contractors and communities. We have the highest regard for the dignity, wellbeing and human rights of our employees, the communities in which we work and live and other stakeholders affected by our operations. See our Human Rights Policy and Code of Conduct for more information.

Through training programs, mentorship initiatives and safety focused meetings, we have invested significant resources into ensuring all Coeur employees are prepared with the information and tools they need to protect not only themselves but also the teammates that work beside them. Our robust training and development program provides opportunities for employees to achieve milestones in their professional careers while developing a strong pipeline of talent to enable Coeur's continued success.

At Coeur, we believe in working together as a team to deliver impactful results for our stakeholders. Our focus on long-term value emphasizes quality over quantity while integrating innovation into our daily procedures. We succeed when we work together.


Fair Employment Practices & Equal Opportunity

Coeur believes in providing a fair and living wage to our employees. We provide strong compensation and benefits programs compared to local, regional, or national markets, opportunities for growth and a safe and healthy work environment to be an employer of choice. Coeur remains 100% union free. Additionally, in 2018, Coeur did not experience any strikes or lockouts across sites.

To learn more about our comprehensive benefits and our Coeur Heroes program, check out our Careers page.

Coeur Location 2018 Totals
Chicago 27% higher than Chicago average
Kensington 39% above Southeast Alaska average
Palmarejo 39% above Mexico
Rochester 44% above Northern Nevada average
Silvertip 25% above British Columbia average
Wharf 38% above Western South Dakota average

We provide healthcare benefits for 6,243 people across the US, Canada and Mexico. The breakdown is as follows:

Pie Chart
Coeur Location 2018 Turnover Rate
Chicago 23%
Kensington 19%
Palmarejo 17%
Rochester 13%
Silvertip 40%
Wharf 20%
Overall 21%

Coeur believes that all employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. We respect the talents, abilities and experiences of each member of our diverse workforce and strive to increase the diversity at all levels of the organization.

Workforce Demographics 2018 Stats
Women in Senior Management 12.5%
Women in Total Workforce 11%
Average Age of Senior Management 45.1
Average Age of Total Workforce 40.3

Coeur celebrates gender diversity at all levels of the organization. Our board has two highly qualified female directors who bring extensive experience and leadership to the board room. Linda L. Adamany, who has been with Coeur since 2013, was named one of Women Inc.’s 2018 Most Influential Corporate Directors. Jessica McDonald, who joined the board in 2018, was named as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2009, and she has been repeatedly named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, named to Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame, as well as regularly listed as one of Vancouver’s Power 50 individuals.

In the spring of 2019, Coeur conducted its first Coeur Culture Survey with the help of an external party to gauge the alignment of our culture and outline areas of opportunity for improvement. Results demonstrate that we have a strong foundation to build on as We Pursue a Higher Standard.


64% of Coeur’s workforce participated in Coeur’s first Culture Survey in April 2019 vs. the general industry benchmark of 40 - 50% according to Qualtrics, a leading online survey and experience management platform owned by SAP.


The feedback confirmed we have an ethical, safe and proud workforce and highlighted areas for improvement for which we will develop strategies and implement to address.

Highlights include:
  • 93% of participants feel safe performing their jobs
  • 92% feel comfortable reporting something unsafe
  • 91% believe that Coeur is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment
  • 90% are proud to work at Coeur Mining

To better understand the results, Coeur’s leadership is working with local management to gain insights through facilitated discussions with employees.

Next Steps:

Site leadership teams will review detailed survey information and develop site-specific action plans for improvement. Over the year, we will assess progress and revise action plans as appropriate to enhance Coeur’s culture as We Pursue a Higher Standard.

Training & Development

At Coeur, we proactively develop our people and create a robust pipeline of future leaders. Our areas of focus include, retaining and developing talent and promoting from within.

Coeur believes in a robust training and development program to provide opportunities for employees to achieve milestones in their professional career while developing a strong pipeline of talent to enable Coeur's continued success.

In 2018, Coeur initiated IMPACT training, a leadership program for frontline supervisors that complements in-person training with cross-site networking, mentorship and practical application over one year. This is an example of the investment in our people with over 5,720 hours of training to our frontline leaders since inception.


  • Leadership Skills
  • Qualified Leaders
  • 144 Hours of Training
  • Growing Participation

IMPACT is a leadership training for frontline supervisors that facilitates relationships with leaders across Coeur Mining and helps them to discover what makes them a leader with impact.

Coeur developed the IMPACT program to help equip our leaders with the tools, resources and knowledge to take their skills to the next level.

IMPACT's first cohort of 20 graduated in October 2018 with the second cohort graduating in April 2019. Two more cohorts will begin in 2019. Each participant is partnered with a mentor goes through about 144 hours of instructor-led and interactive group training with follow-up work outside of the sessions.

Palmarejo’s first IMPACTO cohort of 21 participants began November 26, 2018.

Our People

For more information and facts about Our People, visit our Careers page.

Employee Health, Safety & Security

Our principles of Protect, Develop and Deliver apply our most valuable resource - people. Safety is at the foundation of everything we do. We believe in everyone returning home safely every day.

Areas of focus include:

Continuously fostering and enhancing a strong health and safety culture

Identifying, mitigating, and eliminating workplace hazards and exposures

Empowering employees to stop, prevent and report any unsafe acts

In July 2017, Coeur Mining received the CORESafety certification from the National Mining Association (NMA). CORESafety is a voluntary mine safety and health initiative developed and facilitated by the NMA. Coeur achieved this certification by committing to the CORESafety system, submitting annual progress assessment reports to the NMA, and by completing a third-party assessment of the company’s safety and health management system. This achievement means that Coeur Mining meets the designated health and safety standards outlined by the NMA.

Coeur is the fifth NMA member company to complete each step of the certification process. The CORESafety system has helped us reduce our injury rates by over 75 percent since 2012. CORESafety is our framework for further health and safety improvement as we continue to Pursue a Higher Standard in all aspects of our business.

In an effort to enhance safety culture, Palmarejo implemented SafeStart, a proven safety and human error reduction method that is designed to reduce unsafe and at-risk decisions by making safety personal. The system is specific to Palmarejo, but we see opportunities to enhance our health and safety systems across sites with behavior-based, employee-led programs focusing on human error reduction.

Moving forward into 2019, Coeur has identified leading indicators, such as mitigation controls and the Leadership in the Field program and Hazard Identification reporting, to support our focus on indentifying, mitigating and eliminating workplace hazards. As We Pursue a Higher Standard, Coeur continuously strives to proactively address upstream factors to develop and enhance our safety culture and set company metrics above and beyond regulatory requirements.

Companywide, we have consistently outperformed the mining industry's widely-used safety standard, achieving a 68% reduction in employee and contractor Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate ("TRIFR) from 2012 to 2018.

Coeur TRIF Compared to Metal Industry (Employees) 

Source: Mine Safety & Health Administration


Safety Indicator 2018 Results
Lost-time Injury Frequency Rate (employee) 0.24
Lost-time Injury Frequency Rate (contractor) 0.56
Lost-time Injury Frequency Rate (employee + contractor) 0.33
Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (employee) 0.86
Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (contractor) 1.24
Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (employee + contractor) 0.96
Near Misses 115
Fatal Injuries (employee) 3
Fatal Injuries (contractor) 0
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (employee) 0
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (contractor) 0


When Duty Calls, Our Team is Ready

Accessible only by boat or air, our Kensington mine must be equipped to independently handle all types of emergencies. To ensure we’re prepared, we’ve created a 39-member rescue team consisting of underground and surface divisions, as well as, emergency trauma and medical technicians.

The employee all-volunteer based team attends monthly trainings that enhance their skills and ensure they are familiar with the latest safety measures, from firefighting to vehicle extrication, high-angle rescue and beyond. In addition to their regular drills, the team strives to expand their capabilities by attending safety conferences, workshops and rescue competitions across the country. Thanks to their dedication, Kensington is better suited to protect their employees.


Rochester Mine Wins Safety Award

Major Safety Achievement - Our Rochester mine has received numerous safety awards, including most recently:

-2017 First Place in Nevada for safety performance among mid-sized surface mines; and several Rochester individuals also received Nevada Mining Association’s (NvMA) 2017 Safety Awards.

-2017 Second safest open pit mine in the U.S. by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

-2018 Third Place in Nevada for safety performance among mid-sized surface mines; and Five (5) Coeur Rochester Mine employees were named as individual recipients of NvMA’s 2018 Safety Awards.