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Material Items

“We have been doing ESG long before people were talking about ESG.”
– Mitchell J. Krebs

As demonstrated by our purpose statement and core values, Coeur has always strived to Protect our people, places and planet by operating responsibly. With the aim to Pursue a Higher Standard, Coeur conducted a materiality assessment in 2018, working with key stakeholders and subject matter experts across the organization to identify ESG issues that are material to our business. Since the initial assessment, we have reviewed and revised the list with further input from internal and external stakeholders. Coeur sees materiality assessments as an ongoing process and plans to conduct another more formal assessment again in 2021. The following list represents the key ESG topics we focus on.

What Matters to Coeur grapice

ESG Oversight

At Coeur, we take our commitment to Pursue a Higher Standard seriously, exemplified at all levels of our organization and overseen by the highest levels of leadership. Our ESG efforts are led by members of senior leadership representing multiple internal stakeholders and reporting directly to the CEO. At the Board level, the Environment, Health, Safety and Corporate Responsibility (EHSCR) Committee primarily oversees ESG activities and discusses issues during every meeting. Each of the Board’s other committees also exercises oversight over some aspects of our ESG activities. Read our EHSCR Policy to learn more.

Coeur's Board of Directors
Coeur's Board of Directors
Environmental, Health & Safety, and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board
Environment, Health, Safety and Corporate Responsibility Committee
President & CEO
President & CEO
ESG Executive Committe
ESG Executive Committee

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are “the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. Coeur mapped our responsibility strategies, activities and standards to the Sustainable Development Goals and identified 10 that best align with our business and the areas we believe we can have the greatest potential impact. You can learn more about how Coeur contributes to the SDGs goals in our 2021 ESG Report

Coeur will focus on the 10 SDGs that best align with what matters to Coeur.

Good Health and Well-Being
Quality Education
Clean Water and Sanitation
Clean Water and Sanitation
Affordable and Clean Energy
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Responsible Consumption and Production
Life on Land

By aligning with the SDGs and communicating our sustainability and social responsibility efforts, we support and contribute to the achievement of the global goals.