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Coeur's Corporate Development Team is Working to Answer the Question, "What's Next?"

November 10, 2014

by Mike Harrison, Vice President of Corporate Development - Coeur Mining's Corporate Development mandate is to make sure we find and develop external growth opportunities. We strive to constantly improve our portfolio of assets and use our strengths and expertise as a leading mining company to enhance stockholder value, recognizing that the investment community is always asking the question, "What's next?" Answering that question requires a detailed understanding of where we are now as a company, where we strategically want to go, and what opportunities are available to change the trajectory of the company.

KOMET: Embodying a Commitment Mindset to Health and Safety

October 22, 2014

by Ernie Mendoza, Behavioral Science Technology (BST) Facilitator - KOMET is a positive approach for assessing our safe behaviors at Kensington as well as generating meaningful feedback and open discussions that lead to continual improvement of our processes. We recognize there is always room for improvement at every job. However, we want to ensure we are providing a caring and supportive environment where improvement is encouraged and recognized.

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