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Publisher: Kirstie Bakke

Safety is a common priority around any mining company, but at Coeur it’s a value and lifestyle. We are committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our most valuable resources – our employees, contractors, and communities. This commitment is exemplified by not only our words, but our actions.

Each of our operations work closely with their regional Mine Safety & Health Administration’s (MSHA) office to ensure compliance towards a safe working environment, but also a culture of proactive hazard recognition. On Tuesday, June 5th, Coeur Wharf hosted MSHA’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Wayne Palmer, for a hands-on, informational site tour. This tour was an opportunity to further strengthen Coeur’s relationship with MSHA and to advocate for miner’s rights. The tour also provided an opportunity for Palmer to see firsthand the day-to-day operations at a mine site.

Adam Gregor, Coeur’s Director of Health and Safety expressed the significance of Palmer’s visit. Gregor stated, “this visit allowed Coeur Wharf and Coeur Mining to showcase our commitment and value we have toward miners’ health and safety. In addition, the visit was an opportunity to learn about the Administration’s regulatory goals in a very intimate environment.”

We will continue to pursue a higher standard in our health and safety system, processes and culture. For more information about Coeur’s health and safety department visit our Responsibility page.