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Rochester hosts government officials for site tour

Author: Kirstie Bakke

Coeur Rochester hosted a few special guests Monday, February 5th. Scott Pruitt -  Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency- joined Governor Brian Sandoval on a tour of Rochester Monday afternoon.

After the tour Pruitt met with some of Rochester’s workforce to discuss the mining industry’s regulatory reforms, job security and current environmental preservation efforts. During the gathering, Pruitt addressed the EPA’s decision not to issue final regulations for responsible requirements for certain hardrock mining operations.

“What is environmental stewardship? What is environmental protection?” Pruitt asked. “I think as we work together over the next several years, we need to get back to stewardship, not prohibition.”

Coeur’s mining operations in the United States utilize comprehensive, industry-leading, site-specific reclamation, closure bonding, and regulatory practices. Nevada has a highly-specialized cost model utilized by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection in coordination with the Bureau of Land Management and other corresponding agencies. Many other states are using this leading model in their practices as well.

“We recognized that you in Nevada recognize that you care about the air that you breath, the water you drink and how you take care of your land in the state,” Pruitt said. “Having a rule that was punitive, weaponized against the mining sector, was not a reason to have the rule, so we stopped the rule.”

Pruitt and Sandoval stressed that the result of not requiring additional financial assurances should stimulate the economy, allowing mining companies to invest in jobs and potentially expand operations.

“This truly is something we should all celebrate because it does reverberate to all of you, because we don’t have to do this redundant bonding. That allows the mine to continue to invest in all of you,” Sandoval said. “It allows you to go beyond and expand the mine to have that mine life so that all of you can have this continuous employment.”

For more information about Coeur Rochester, visit their site webpage at http://coeur.com/operations/mines/rochester-nevada