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One Heck of a Christmas Present

Publisher: Black Hills Pioneer Author: Jaci Conrad Pearson Article Link: 

The children were all nestled, all safe in their spots at the Boys and Girls Club of Lead-Deadwood, when Coeur Wharf officials showed up with a Christmas tree, goodies, gifts for more than 60 club families, and a check for $80,000 Wednesday.

“We believe in the Boys and Girls Club,” said Coeur Wharf Mine General Manager Ken Nelson. “There are over 80 kids here that come to the club after school. It is a great part of the community, helping kids grow and develop. The club is greatly needed in this area and we saw the benefit of it. We are a big part of this community, and this is a big step in the growth of, not only the children, but the Boys and Girls Club of Lead-Deadwood.”

Nelson explained that the funds are a collaborative offering.

“We (Coeur Wharf) are partnering with the Goldcorp-Coeur Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund,” Nelson said. “We are each putting in $40,000 for a total of $80,000 to be distributed over four years, or $20,000 a year.”

Boys and Girls Club of Lead-Deadwood Unit Director Anne Rogers said the funds are a full match from Boys and Girls Club-raised funds each year, mostly through other grant awards.

“The funds will be used to create a full-time, sustainable program director position at the Lead-Deadwood Club,” Rogers said. “The Boys and Girls Club is proud and excited to partner with Coeur Wharf and the Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund to create full-time, sustainable employment at our Lead site. This is a strong and natural match for the Fund. An investment in community youth yields long-term social and economic benefits for all stakeholders for generations and creates an essential and positive legacy when it comes to investing in our future. This gift keeps high-quality care and programs for our youth at the center of the work of both the Boys and Girls Club and the Fund. We are grateful for this outstanding partnership.”

Nelson explained that prior to this donation, the Boys and Girls Club was unable to hire for an extended period of time.

“Now they’ll be able to get a professional hire and have the guarantee of a full-time position for four years,” Nelson said.

“The big idea with it is, we become a viable employer,” Rogers said. “We don’t just support kids. We support families. This gift will allow us to further our mission