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Move Mining – A Creative Approach to Promoting the Mining Industry

Move Mining is a program that stems from the idea to change or “move” the perception of mining in the public eye. The program recently wrapped-up its 3rd season at the annual SME Conference on February 25th, 2019. Teams of mostly college-aged students are encouraged to use their innovative concepts and share their positive messaging about mining. by bringing their concept to life through a one-page abstract paper and a three-minute educational video. Five teams with the top performing videos are invited to participate as finalists at the live “Shark-Tank” style event. The winning team is awarded $5,000 to bring their plan into action.

This year, the teams pitched concepts ranged from a mining themed boardgame to a largescale, nationwide mining advertisement campaign.

Team Mine2Me was the winning team with their concept to utilize short, animated infographic type videos to help educate the viewers about mining. With a target age-group of 18-30-year-olds, Mine2Me will utilize social media platforms and sponsored posts to help produce a base of followers. Team Mine2Me plans to create 26 videos within their first year. The videos will focus on three themes to mining: i) How minerals are used in modern life; ii) Technological and safety advancements; iii) Environmental stewardship


Coeur Mining is a proud sponsor of the Move Mining competition and was honored to send a representative to be a judge at this year’s event. The mining industry is rapidly changing and evolving, but the public’s perception still tends to fall on the negative side of the spectrum. With the use of creativity, ingenuity and collaboration, Move Mining has the opportunity to influence the public’s perception while also developing tomorrow’s mining talent. Coeur looks forward to collaborating with Mine2Me and leveraging the videos they create.