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Making an Impact - Coeur's IMPACT Leadership Training

The Challenge:

Create an interactive, fun, training built around networking and diversity of thought, versus a one-day ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ where participants forget the content the next day. With an ever-changing work environment, leaders are required to adapt their style to successfully lead their team, which is why we created IMPACT.


IMPACT is unique in its reach of employees and scope of time and commitment. Each cohort is made of a cross-section 20 participants from different locations and functions. Exposure to differing perspectives adds diversity of thought while sharing similarities of challenges they all face. IMPACT spans over 12 months with four separate, off-site sessions that help the leader grow through a process of understanding the self, team, safety and culminates with understanding the business. Each participant is assigned a senior mentor who regularly meets, guides and cooperatively works with the IMPACT participant to complete the goals and objectives he or she sets at the first session.

IMPACT components are:

  • Session one SELF: communication styles, DISC personality types and setting achievable goals;
  • Session two TEAM: influencing your own culture, tough discussions, and a community service activity
  • Session three SAFETY: how to speak-up, incident investigations, and root cause analysis;
  • Session four BUSINESS: executives create operational and financial workshops, guest bank analyst on the value of Coeur, graduation ceremony dinner with CEO


The success of IMPACT is measured by each individual’s goal being met upon graduation through mentor and direct reports’ feedback. The cooperation and energy in the working relationships built between leaders from different sites has surpassed the expectations set during the development of IMPACT. Leaders are connecting frequently to make their workgroup, their operations and the company better. The training has been translated to Spanish and is being taught to all front-line leaders in our Mexico mine.

“IMPACT training brings together our front- line leaders of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities for a year of development. The training creates a learning environment where these leaders are encouraged to “think outside-the-box”, to reach across to their peers and mentors and embrace diversity of thought. The training provides self-discovery, communication and accountability. It has become a cornerstone of our Company culture.” — Mitchell J. Krebs, President & CEO, Coeur Mining, Inc.