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Publisher: Kirstie Bakke

On Friday, August 10, 100 kids and over 30 adults took a journey around the world during the 2018 Reading Playoffs. Volunteers from Coeur corporate teamed up with the By the Hand Club to sponsor and conduct a summer reading program that culminated on Friday, with a live competition.

Elementary students at the By the Hand Club were given four books to read and study during the program. Each book featured a specific country and highlighted the country’s traditions, history, and pop culture. The featured countries consisted of India, China, Mexico and South Africa. The students were divided into teams and given team names based on a country from around the world.

At the live Reading Playoffs, teams (countries) faced each other in question and answer rounds based on the four books they had read. Teams were eliminated each round, bringing it down to the final two teams – USA vs Italy. In a nail-biter final round, team USA pulled through, winning by one point.

"The Reading Playoffs are part of an ongoing goal we have to create a culture of learning and excitement for reading for our students,” said Donnita Travis, By the Hand Club founder and executive director. “The playoffs are an external motivator that can eventually translate to intrinsic motivation for our students to become lifelong learners who love to read. We know reading is the number one predictor for a student’s success." 

This is the second year that Coeur has supported this program through the By the Hand Club, and it certainly won’t be the last. Jennifer McHan, the Coeur Corporate Charity Committee Lead, states, “Coeur believes in giving back to the communities where we’re located, which is why we love partnering with the By the Hand Club on their Reading Playoff program. This program is a great way to invest in the youth of Chicago and see first-hand the impact we can have on the people around us.”

For more information about the By the Hand Club, visit their website - http://bythehand.org/. Stay tuned for more ways Coeur is getting involved in our communities.