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Enhancing Coeur’s Communications with Social Media

Publisher: The Prospector Author: Coeur Mining

To many people, mining may be viewed as one of the most traditional industries in the world today. At Coeur, we greatly value the long history of our industry, the knowledge acquired in the course of that history and the significant contributions that mining has made to civilization over time. However, at the same time, we believe it is vital to have an eye to the future and the ways in which we can continually innovate and change to meet the needs of our employees, stockholders, the communities in which we work and the marketplace, today and tomorrow.

Communication plays a critical role in achieving the innovation we strive for and in accomplishing our larger goals. We are dedicated to ensuring transparency in everything we do, and communicating effectively at all times is essential to achieving that transparency.

In today's world, effective communication requires much more than a "traditional" approach. The advent of the Internet and, most recently, social media has created relatively new channels of communication that have required businesses in every industry to rethink communications strategies.

For these reasons, Coeur began a social media presence and digital strategy in 2013, which now includes a Twitter feed, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page and this online news site, The Prospector. All of these platforms contain a lot of valuable content. You can learn about company news, events and our mining operations, meet our employees, find out about what is happening in the mining industry and more.

When we launched our social media presence, we hoped it would be something that resonated with those interested in our company. So we were extremely pleased to be included in Global Mining's recent list of 25 Mining Companies You Should Follow On Social Media. It is an honor and an affirmation to be recognized for our efforts to create an effective presence on Social Media and we look forward to continuing to provide informative and interesting content through these important communication outlets.

Here are a few of the ways that social media is enhancing the reach of Coeur's communications:

  • 33 percent of our 2015 hires were generated from LinkedIn,
  • We have experienced a 70 percent increase in LinkedIn followers since November 2014,
  • Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are experiencing an average 20 percent increase in followers each quarter,
  • In the second quarter of 2015 alone, we had more than 247,000 impressions and 1,200 plus interactions on these three social media channels. Additionally, our new Corporate Responsibility website, videos and articles shared from The Prospector news site generated more than 1,700 clicks to our website.

These kind of results confirm the value of social media for Coeur's communication strategy. Our employees confirm its value for internal communications as well. Here are some excerpts of what they have to say:

"In my opinion, every means of communication between different areas of the company and our employees is very useful and important. Social media adds to the list of communication tools that increase knowledge sharing among employees." Nancy Santana, accounting clerk, Coeur Mexicana

"LinkedIn has been a valuable source of information about Coeur for me. It makes me feel proud to know we have a positive presence on LinkedIn that is shared with many in our industry and other industries." Loretta Trujillo, site controller, Coeur Rochester

"Our employees recognize that social media adds another valuable way to communicate information within the company. It augments our other communications channels, such as local newsletters." Jorge Rodriguez, director, HR operations.

If you haven't already done so, we invite you to connect with us on our social platforms. They offer an opportunity to not only hear what's going on at Coeur, but to join in the conversation and share your thoughts as well.