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Coeur Spotlight: Tamra Akerman - IMPACT Participant

IMPACT is a unique, company-wide, leadership training program built around the concepts of networking, thinking-outside-the-box and diversity of thought. Each cohort is made-up of a cross-section of 20 participants from different locations and functions. Exposure to differing perspectives adds diversity of thought while sharing similarities of challenges they all face. IMPACT spans over 12 months with four separate, off-site sessions that help the leaders grow through a process of understanding the self, team, safety and culminates with understanding the business. Each participant is assigned a senior mentor who regularly meets, guides and cooperatively works with the IMPACT participant to complete the goals and objectives he or she sets at the first session.

Tamra Akerman, Chief Assayer at Silvertip, recently completed her first IMPACT session. We caught-up with Tamra to hear her first impressions of the program and what her biggest takeaways are so far. During the interview Tamra highlights collaboration, open-communication and teamwork as a few critical themes she has experienced during her first session of IMPACT training.

Coeur (C): What have you enjoyed the most about IMPACT so far?

Tamra (T): What I enjoyed the most about the IMPACT training was learning the different mixes of personalities in leadership roles and what each different personality can bring to the table. No one type is better than the other and bringing together the strengths of each of the dominant traits can bring out the innovative ideas every operation needs. 

C: What have you learned about leadership styles and how will you use it in your day-to-day life?

T: I have learned what my true leadership style is, and the pro's and con's that come with that. I look forward to recognizing each person’s different approach to decision making and learning to work with each of these different personalities to keep momentum moving in the right direction. 

C: You are attending IMPACT training with a handful of other leaders from Silvertip – how has IMPACT helped you connect with your fellow leaders at Silvertip?

T: I have learned a lot about the leaders in other departments of the Silvertip operation. I’ve learned that we like to laugh, we are happy people and despite all the trials and tribulations of the Silvertip operation, there is a reason why we are still here. We are excited to see all the hard work paying off and getting to a place far from where we once were. 

C: How has IMPACT training allowed you to connect with other leaders throughout Coeur?

T: Joining forces for the week with other Coeur operations has helped bridge the gap between departments with the same difficulties. I feel comfortable reaching out to them for help and I know they would more than support the communication needed to get through new problems, which they may have already worked through. Although we all have different personalities one thing stays the same and that's commonality of the different problems that happen at each mine site. These new relationships will streamline new projects by avoiding problems that have occurred elsewhere and bolster effective new strategies when approaching a new challenge. 

A big thanks to Tamra for taking the time to complete this interview! Stay tuned throughout the year for more updates on the IMPACT program.