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Publisher: Kirstie Bakke

Let the celebration begin! 2018 represents the 10th year that Palmarejo has been owned by Coeur Mining and the operation is throwing a party. The partnership began in 2008 with the intent to develop not only the operation and resources, but also the community and the workforce. Since 2008, Palmarejo has grown in terms of size, production, and workforce.

A kick-off celebration was held on June 2nd for Palmarejo employees. Employees were encouraged to tour through an exhibit that included historic pictures, objects, and tools from Palmarejo’s early years. Some historic objects worth noting include an old ore wagon, old miner’s bags, carbide lamps, and miner’s tools.

In the weeks prior to the celebration Palmarejo employees were challenged with designing a logo that exemplifies the 10th anniversary of Coeur at Palmarejo. The winner was announced at the kick-off celebration, and each participant was awarded a consolation prize. This logo will be used throughout the year, while Palmarejo celebrates this monumental anniversary with different projects and events.   

The kick-off celebration continued with a traditional folk-dance that represented different dances from the region, prizes for employees that participated, and also a replica jersey t-shirt of the Mexican soccer team. The jersey t-shirt corresponded with the celebration by having the number ten printed on each shirt. The jersey also corresponded with a message from Palmarejo’s General Manager, Julio Diaz, who explained the importance of teamwork, and how critical each and every role is onsite.

Coeur’s Vice President of Mexican Operations, Càstulo Molina, closed out the ceremony with an informational presentation about Palmarejo’s history, achievements, and stories about the first years in Palmarejo. It was a wonderful celebration that allowed employees to reflect on how far they’ve come as a team.